Galloway Mom Works to Raise Awareness & Funds for Autism through Children's Book about Autism

Written by Jennifer Auer

Long before Kristy Bates and I became friends, I was a regular customer at her family's Egg Harbor City consignment shop, "So Precious in His Sight". I'd stop in to bring in clothes my boys outgrew or stock up on clothes in the next size up, always trying to be one step ahead of what my boys needed.

Not only does "So Precious in His Sight" have a great selection that keeps me coming back but it's the genuine kindness that Kristy and Shawn, her husband, show every customer.

Between shopping, we'll talk about our kids, their issues, and what's new. Kristy always has a smile for every customer, new or old, child or adult.

There was a side though of Kristy I didn't know. It wasn't until very recently that I learned of some of the challenges Kristy and her family are facing.

We all face challenges in our parenting, each of our children have their own special needs. In Kristy's case, her son Toby has Autism.

And yet, rather than let this challenge get them down, Kristy sees it as an opportunity to help other families like hers.

Here is part of Kristy's story about her son, Toby in her words.

After Toby was diagnosed with PDD-NOS, an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in 2011, we struggled with how to tell Ayden and Levi what was going on with their brother. We postponed having the conversation because really how do you talk about it on their level? I looked for resources, especially a children's book, that would make that conversation "easier" and never found one. They knew - without us ever having to say anything, but we felt as though we needed to give it a name to validate for them that something was different. They never once treated him as anything less than equal, and Toby has taught them things that Shawn and I never could have.

By the grace of God we have made it though these trying years, and I am so thankful and excited to say, that we now have a children's book to read to CJ, as he is now old enough to have that conversation.

I wrote They Call Me Toaster so that parents everywhere would have a tool to make Autism not so scary, and a little more understandable (if that is even possible). No two people with Autism look or act completely alike, but we hope that Toby's (a.k.a. Toaster's) story can help!


More about They Call Me Toaster, a children's book about Autism

Toaster is a boy, just like any other, except he has Autism. What is Autism? Toaster would love to tell you all about it. Join us on Toaster's journey--the ups and downs, joys and tears, uncertainty and fears.

All the accomplishments and feelings of failure are normal when you have someone so special in your midst each day. May God bless your family's journey loving on whoever that special person is in your life!

The release date for the book is not until June 10th (to buy through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.), but it can be ordered from the publisher at this link for $9.99 as a paperback or $7.99 as an ebook.

Between now and May 4, 50% of the proceeds of the book They Call Me Toaster will be donated to FACES 4 Autism groups.


Kristy, Shawn, and their family are also holding a special Autism Fundraiser this Sunday, May 4 at their shop, So Precious in His Sight, at 244 Philadelphia Avenue in Egg Harbor City.


  • During the open house, 50% of the proceeds of the book They Call Me Toaster will be donated to FACES 4 Autism groups.
  • 20% of any merchandise purchased during the open house will be added to the fundraiser amount.
  • Join us for some shopping fun and refreshments all for a truly wonderful cause.


Please help our local community become more aware of Autism & a local mom's effort to help by spread the word!


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