Sea Bright Ocean Calm After the Storm

On the other side of the destruction left in Sandy's wake lies a serene scene

For weeks now, what's on the other side of streets strewn with piles of Hurricane Sandy-wrought debris and dilapidation has been a mystery.

A venture into Sea Bright was met with U.S. Army National Guard blockades and massive mountains of sand and ripped-up buildings obscuring the ocean that on the other side that wreaked the havoc.

While the view of the destruction was and still is paralyzing enough to stop any well-meaning gawker short of an attempt at what used to be a routine stroll on the beach, glimpses of the "new normal" beachfront were trumped by the overwhelming picture of Sandy's wrath.

A couple of days ago the barricades at the Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge came down and people were once again allowed to drive through a Sea Bright still in disarray, but bustling with volunteers and beginning its rebuilding.

This time, there was a way to see the ocean. And the calm on the other side of what Sandy left behind made it hard to believe that there was ever any storm.

Take a look at the slideshow above for a glimpse into the ocean view on the other side of Sandy's destruction.


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