Ray’s List: Open Mic at Through the Looking Glass

On a bitter cold Sunday Night about seven performers and a crowd of listeners met at Through The Looking Glass for the store’s very first open mic night. Raymond Tyler attended and filed this report.

I remember when I first toured tea bar and bookstore. When I saw the open area upstairs used for the store’s reading area. I knew at once that the space would be great for an open mic night. Sunday evening Jan. 15, I had the pleasure of attending their first event. Here’s a quickie list of the highlights and an interview with Maggie Birbeck the owner’s (Wendy) daughter.

4. Mr. Doug Van Sant…CAN PLAY: With his blues guitar in his hands, Mr. Doug Van Sant is as cool as he wants to be. He wowed the crowd with his unique guitar and then set to working his “ax” on the standard “When A Man Loves a Woman.” I always wished I could play guitar like B.B King when I grew up, but if I could play like Mr. Doug, I would be plenty good enough. Mr. Doug made my night.

3. There was supposed to be coffee: I don’t drink coffee, but I was excited for all my coffee drinkers because Through The Looking Glass is the best spot for a spot of tea. In the end, there was no coffee, but hopefully by the next event on Jan. 29, my friends will be ready for tea.

2. Standing Room Only: You can never tell how a first event is going to be, but I’d like to commend the PR team from Through The Looking Glass for a night that allowed artists all the time they wanted to perform and a crowd that appreciated the room. There was not an empty chair in the house.

1. The Drummers Beat: Fellow Smithville shop owner Brian Johnson, of , added some spice to performances by the band Position 9 and the duo of Alex Sinairi and Jeff Carraway. Did I say spice? Brian’s conga play was like adding season salt on already tender tasty musical chicken. Then Brian himself performed three heart touching poems…including which can be seen here on Patch from a previous Ray’s List.

Wendy January 18, 2012 at 11:09 PM
Thanks so much Ray! Our Next Open Mic. is Feb. 12th and we are so excited.
rick mcguire February 23, 2012 at 05:39 PM
Hi Ray... I am a singer songwriter from Linwood... I am interested in performing at the next open mic... please tell me the date and how many song I should prepare... thank you... Rick McGuire


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