My Favorite Winner: Vincenzos

Galloway Patch's poll shows Vincenzos is overwhelmingly Galloway's favorite Italian restaurant.

Galloway Patch's readers have spoken, and they've overwhelmingly picked as their favorite Italian restaurant.

In our inaugural , 85 voters cast their ballot for their favorite Italian restaurant. Vincenzos walked away with 40 votes, which equaled 47 percent of all votes tallied in the poll. came in second with 16 votes for 18 percent.

While made it on to the list as a write-in on Monday morning, and several positive comments were posted on the site and in social media in its favor, the votes weren't there. Romanelli's placed third with 11 votes, accounting for 12 percent of the total vote.

Full results are can be found in the poll below.

Restaurant owners Vincenzo and Rita Stabile opened Vincenzos in 1993 in the Super Foodmart shopping center, and moved out on their own in 2009. Vincenzos is now located at 28 South New York Road, otherwise known as Route 9, which Rita Stabile says has resulted in greater visibility for the establishment.

"We're able to accomodate a lot more now," Rita Stabile said. "The outcome has been over and above what we expected. Our customers that we had from the first day followed us and they brought others along with them."

Stabile said they have customers who come in once a week for pizza, and people who come in on Friday nights for dinner. They also have a wide array of desserts and, as a result, people come in just for coffee.

"We also have a lot of people who come in and know our servers," said Stabile, who said there are some servers who have worked at Vincenzos for 10 years. "We have people who work here in high school, and then when they go off to college. Some people have another job and they do this as their second job. We have people come in and ask for specific servers because they know them by name and by face."

She also said Vincenzos hires within the community, and it prides itself on being family friendly.

Coincidentally, next week, Patch is looking for the "Most Family Friendly Places." The voting begins Monday morning at 5.


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