Readers' Choice Winner: Shea's Cafe

One comment put Shea's over the top in the closest Readers' Choice vote ever.

One person can make a difference, and that was illustrated in this week’s Readers’ Choice voting.

In the closest vote since Readers’ Choice debuted, three restaurants tied for first place in voting for the best place to get a sandwich in Galloway.

Of the 42 votes received in this week’s poll, 24 of them went three ways, with eight people voting for , and

When going to the directory, things became only slightly more clear, as both Sack o Subs and Shea’s had five star ratings, and Vic’s was eliminated from consideration.

With two shops still in consideration, it was time to go to the comments, of which there were only five, the first three of which were suggestions as to what to add from the poll from earlier in the week.

“, (Risley Square),” Dan suggested.

“Giovannis Collins Road,” was Bob’s idea.

“Pitney Market,” Bridget M. wanted to see added.

At the time of the suggestions, they were each added, but the comments weren’t helping to break the tie.

Until comment #4, posted at 10:31 a.m. on Monday, May 14.

“Shea's food is quality, always fresh and delicious,” Mary Ann gushed. “Lou and his wife (the chef) know how to please the palate!”

One more suggestion, by Stan Walker, to make sandwiches at home came on Monday, but it was Mary Ann’s comment that put Shea’s over the top and on to Galloway Patch’s “Readers’ Choice” list.

finished one vote shy of forcing a four-way tie, with seven. and each earned three votes, while there were five votes for the always popular “other” option.

Check out the poll below for full results.


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