County Executive Urges Sandy Victims to File Tax Assessment Reductions

Written notification is due by Jan. 10.

Victims of Superstorm Sandy have until Jan. 10, 2013 to file requests for tax assessment reductions in writing, Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson reminded residents on Monday, Nov. 19.

Residents whose properties have been destroyed or made significantly less valuable as a result of the storm must notify their local tax assessor by certified mail with a return receipt requested by Jan. 10 to see if they qualify for reductions under state law (NJ S. 54:4-35.1), Levinson said. Owners should take pictures of any damage sustained, and keep a copy of the notice and any supporting evidence for their own records, Levinson said.

"The impact of Sandy has been felt in so many ways, but perhaps most significantly in the damage to area homes and businesses," Levinson said in a release issued Monday afternoon. "If their value has been reduced then it is only fair that tax assessments reflect this change. The Atlantic County Board of Taxation has directed local tax assessors to begin field inspections immediately and to do whatever it takes to expedite this process for completion by January 10."

Determinations in modifying assessed value will be made following an inspection by the local assessor's office, Levinson said. Galloway Township Tax Assessor David Jackson can be reached at 609-652-3700, ext. 228. Contact information for assessors in other townships can be found here.

"Our residents and businesses are hurting and this presents an opportunity to assist them during this recovery period in getting back on their feet, back to work and back to living their lives," Levinson said. "I hope those who can really use this help will take advantage of it."

Those who miss the Jan. 10 deadline will have to file a tax appeal by the April 1 deadline. Towns that undergo a reassessment have a tax appeal deadline of May 1.



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