UPDATED: Galloway Begins Recovery in Wake of Tropical Storm Sandy

The travel ban is still in effect.

Galloway Township has begun the recovery from Tropical Storm Sandy, which made landfall in Atlantic City Monday night, Oct. 29.

Galloway Police reported numerous power outages throughout the township, with many of the outages coming in the eastern portion of Galloway. Power crews are out "in force" around the area, police said, although exact numbers for outages and crews weren't immediately available.

The travel ban remains in effect, police said. Numerous cars were on the road in Galloway Township Tuesday morning, but Route 30 was mostly empty.

Traffic lights were not working on the east side of the township, including Great Creek Road at the Pitney Road and Sixth Avenue intersections, and on Sixth Avenue and Jimmie Leeds Road.

Businesses in the township were mostly closed on Tuesday.

Police remind anyone with damage to their homes from falling trees or limbs to be cautious as power is restored, and electrical fires may be caused. Those with damage to their home, especially where water is entering the structure, should turn off power home prior to the electricity being restored, police said.

The Galloway Township Middle School is open as a shelter of last resort. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Annette Giaquinto reported that the shelter is currently housing the restoration crews. It is open to residents who need a place to stay while power is being restored, but there are no cots, those staying in the shelter are asked to bring their own supplies, including food, and the school is operating on backup power.


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