Galloway Police Remind Residents in Low Lying Areas to Evacuate

Residents are beginning to report temporary power outages.

Galloway Township Police reminded residents in low lying areas to evacuate Monday morning, Oct. 29, as residents began to report temporary power outages.

Residents in the area of Ridgewood Avenue reported temporary power outages, but have reported the power has since come back on. Residents near Pitney Road have reported flickering lights. Residents off Sixth Avenue and Route 30, at Leeds Point and on Cologne Avenue still have power with no interruptions.

According to police, there are no major power outages to report at this time. According to the Atlantic City Electric storm outage map, there are a few outage issues in the surrounding areas, and the cause is "under evaluation" at this time.

Police are reporting flooding east of Route 9, Pitney Road north of Moss Mill and near the waterways as Hurricane Sandy looms over the region.

"Residents who live in low lying areas are reminded to evacuate while there is still time," police representatives said in a release issued late Monday morning.


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