Year in Review: Galloway Township 2011

A lot happened that fell outside the realm of politics, schools or sports. What will you remember.

2011 was the first full calendar year in which Galloway Patch made its home in Galloway Township. So far, we've looked at the year in politics, sports and schools. Certain things don't fall into these categories, though. From New Year's Baby to the issue of what to do with , here's a look at what else happened in Galloway Township this year.

In January, former Mayor died.

In February, local band signed with a major New York label.  The band’s is pushing a bill to institute a national day to recognize all charities.

In the midst of everything, it .

In March, a new about the history of Galloway Township was released.

A new state law allowed the Harley Davidson store in Galloway to start selling motorcycles on

AtlantiCare employees got caught up in the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disasters that hit in March.

Also during March, a Galloway resident was the victim of an , and the owner of Smithville’s Tutu Posh Boutique took up the fight against

The Galloway Township Police Department lost to Cancer and to cardio problems. Both and Sabre were

A Cherry Tree was planted on in recognition of the fire service provided by Galloway resident Harold “Whitey” Swartz.

On May 1, 2011, President Barack Obama announced Osama bin Laden had finally been killed in Pakistan. , a who served in Iraq, , son of the Township Manager and soldier who fought in Afghanistan, another Galloway cop who served in and a Galloway resident who fought in all reacted.

In May, Galloway staple and Elvis performer

Smithville hosted Galloway Township’s first

Plenty of role models exist in Galloway, including , Miss Atlantic County and Miss New Jersey contestant and an AtlantiCare security guard who changed his diet and dropped

came to South Jersey in August, but we later learned it wasn't a

In the week leading up to the not-hurricane, an earthquake in Virginia was felt all the way to Galloway, and a Richard Stockton College of New Jersey professor and students were

Times are tough in Galloway, particularly for the .

A Stockton student the night before what would’ve been his birthday. Then, an Roland Rogers student was killed in a Sunday night car accident.

Finally, Galloway Patch explored the differences between

Wendy Leaa Birkbeck December 29, 2011 at 01:05 PM
Congrats on your first year!! Thank you for all that you've done for Through The Looking Glass! Cheers to many more years to come!!


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