Andy Reid's Greatest Accomplishment

Despite holding franchise records and elevating a second-tier organization to the upper echelon of NFL teams, Andy Reid remains the subject of scorn for many Eagles fans.

Andy Reid is the most senior head coach in the NFL—and to a significant portion of the Eagles fan base, this is cause for concern.

In a hyper-critical city that loves football above all else in its hierarchy of rooting interests, Reid still draws fire despite a solid resume.

He holds franchise records for regular and postseason wins and a 61 percent winning percentage for his 13-season, 208-game career, which has included seven division titles.

Still, every coach has his weak spots, and Reid's detractors routinely criticize his clock management, play-calling, and failure to reach the endzone.

Nonetheless, the Eagles have had a top-eleven offense nine of the past 13 years by point differential; they have also finished in the top eleven nine times in terms of yardage. Few other franchises have been in the top third in the league in those categories as consistently.

Reid does not deserve all the credit for these accomplishments, but neither does he deserve all the blame for the Eagles' failures. Those who do not respect the job Andy Reid has done should be reminded that prior to his hiring, the Eagles did not enjoy the league-wide stature they do today.

Under previous regimes, even the national media coverage betrayed a sense of hopelessness in relation to the Eagles. The franchise might have been a tough, hard-scrabble team that won a few games, but they were always destined to run into the hated-but-more-talented Dallas Cowboys or the Washington Redskins. Deep down, we fans knew it too.

The national media, which brings a different perspective to the table, often fawns over Andy Reid—which only annoys Eagles fans who dislike him all the more. Many of the analysts who praise Reid and the Eagles are former players and coaches; in short, they are professionals who know more than overly emotional fans might about the inner workings of the game.

Andy Reid has made the Eagles legitimate players on a league-wide stage for more than a decade. That fundamental shift is his greatest accomplishment: Reid has given fans hope.

What he has not delivered is a Super Bowl.

The fact that Reid's teams have approached immortality so many times has had a counter-intuitive effect. Now Eagles fans are no longer happy that their underachieving franchise has grown talented enough to be routinely competitive. Instead, they are embittered by the heartbreak of near-misses and sudden endings.

It is easier to give up on a 1-5 team in Week 6 than to lose in the Conference Championship; yet however painful, the latter scenario indicates a high-quality team that has a better chance to contend year-in and year-out.

But in the sports world, no matter how successful a coach is, he only has so many tomorrows before he simply must win a ring or face the consequences.

For some, the tomorrows have run out. For Jeffrey Lurie, Reid has one or, at most, two left. After all Reid has done, and with vivid memories of the second-class status from which he has delivered Gang Green, I strongly agree with Lurie…for now.

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Porterincollingswood July 06, 2012 at 07:17 PM
I give them a pass on the Cardinals loss, that team was pretty good and gave the Steelers all they could handle.
Mike Diviney July 06, 2012 at 10:49 PM
Yeah, but they had the ball last- any good QB is going to lead their team to a score there. McNabb threw 4 straight incompletions, costing them a chance to win.
Porterincollingswood July 06, 2012 at 11:41 PM
I agree, and they could have won. But I look at that game against a good offense, on the road, with a SB / MVP QB and it was gonna be tough. Were it not for a "McNabb Deep Bomb" (2 yard pass to Westbrook that he takes 80 yards on YAC) we may not have beaten the Vikes that year.
Mike T July 08, 2012 at 03:29 PM
I'm not a huge Reid fan (for the reasons mentioned in the article, escipically the game clock screw ups), but I it do respect what he's done - particulary with QBs. Let's see what happens with the Luire divorce!
Mac July 09, 2012 at 12:56 PM
Andy Reid's greatest accomplishment is still in front of him regardless of the fact it has been written in stone for over ten years. However, to the Eagle's fans, his greatest accomplishment is as elusive as his ability to win the big ones when the opportunity presents itself. Andy, it's time for the greatest call of your career. It is called retirement. VERY VERY SOON. And on a more positive note, thanks for the memories. You have made me a believer that a Philly team can actually play in the big leagues.


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