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Township employees are prohibited from using personal email for township business, and a centralized police dispatch for Atlantic County is "dead in the planning process."

1.     Galloway Township Council passed a resolution at its meeting Tuesday night, Nov. 27 amending the technology policy on use of personal email accounts. As a result of the resolution, there is now a paragraph in the policy prohibiting township employees from using personal email accounts for township business.

“The township has no ability to track the use of personal accounts by employees, and that’s led to some disarray, particularly when it comes to OPRA requests,” Township Solicitor Mike Fitzgerald said. “This resolution cleans that up."

Specific information was not given on how the use of personal email accounts has been abused, or how the policy would be enforced.

2. There will be only one council meeting in December, on Dec. 11. The other regular meeting date coincides with Christmas Day. Galloway will hold its Reorganization Meeting on Jan. 2, 6:30 p.m.

3.     Township Manager Arch Liston said the Galloway Police Department is still putting together numbers for how much it will cost for the radio systems upgrade. He said the township will have a better idea on this issue “in the next couple of months.”

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