Get Out and Vote on Election Day

Galloway Council Democratic candidate Jim McElwee expresses the importance of going to the polls and knowing who you're voting for Nov. 6.

To the Editor:

As Election Day approaches, voters in Galloway have an important election as a result of Dennis Kleiner stepping down as Councilman. Mr. Kleiner relocated to Egg Harbor Township and we all wish him the Best of Luck in his new residence.

That leaves one seat to be filled for the one year remaining on his 4 year term. John J. Mooney lll is the Republican appointed to fill out this seat in 2012. Not to be confused with the John W. Mooney who is the Commissioner of the Atlantic County Board of Election.

The Democratic Candidate is Jim McElwee, not to be confused with Elliot McElwee (Heating and Cooling) which is a combination of John Elliot and Gary McElwee, owners of the company. I have been asked many times if I am related to Elliot McElwee and I tell people I am not directly related but there may be some connection on my Family tree.

I bring this up because voters should know the man that they’re voting for. There should be no confusion when casting your vote because when you push that button your vote is locked in. I would hate to hear  somebody lament afterwards that they thought their candidate was the other guy.

Which brings up the most important part of my commentary. Make sure you get out and vote on Nov. 6, 2012. This being a Presidential election year there is traditionally a larger voter turnout than on off years. But everybody should participate in the electoral process every year.

Remember, when you close that curtain behind you, you're free to vote what your conscience tells you.You can vote for the person you think will best serve you and your family!  Just make sure you vote for the right guy!

Jim McElwee
Democratic Candidate for Galloway Councilman


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