Why is Drug & Alcohol Rehab Important | F.A.Q. Parents Ask

First let’s discuss what a drug rehab or treatment program is. A Drug Treatment facility is typically based on a 3 tier system which varies from intake assessment to Inpatient treatment or Partial Hospitalization and then to Intensive Outpatient or Outpatient Treatment, then to After Care. I will break this down for you so you better understand the process, which parents that are new to dealing with these issues may be new to, but first let me answer some questions we hear from parent all the time.

  1. Is it my son or daughter going to be a drug addict or alcoholic forever?

A: This really depends on what kind of issues your loved one is going through. Some parents who have never used drugs before, or drink with impunity may not understand or have the ability to identify with their children in which can cause a communication barriers between parents and children. This questions area varies on where their location is, who they hang out with, and in they are displaying un-manageability in work, school, or home by not showing up or never around for family events.

  1. Is this our fault? What could we of done better?

Not all of the time, but let me explain what goes on in other homes and you can make your decision yourself… We find that with our program being based on a 12 step process and the documented evidence of people who have recovered through a twelve step program that addicts or alcoholics suffer from resentments, which stem from experiences that are deep rooted within them from a young age or even teenage years. What I am saying here is it may not be your fault, but with a young undeveloped mind making a decision for itself to hold on to these deep rooted experiences; they may repress the feelings deep down in their psyche and may cause issues down the line when they discover drugs or alcohol because drugs or alcohol may lower their feelings of pain anger or resentment to not feel these feelings anymore. After this becomes a regular circumstance it may be habit forming further on becoming an addiction.

  1. What are the twelve steps and is this some type of a “religion thing”?

The 12 steps don’t have anything to do with religion and it doesn’t sway a person towards one belief or another, but it’s been known to inspire a person to make their own decision about what to believe in and most don’t believe in anything at all. The steps are geared towards helping a person clean their own closet of old skeletons with another person with whom they trust and this is called a sponsor. They make a list of their resentments, harms, fears, and sexual harms in some cases and they talk about this with another person to become free of what they have held bottled up inside for so long causing them to use alcohol or drugs to numb the pain. In this process they also make amends to the people who they have harmed except when to do so would injure them or others. These are only two facets to the 12 steps in its entirety, but the most important pieces aside from admitting they have a problem in the first place. There are many that do not complete steps and do not fair very well. Unfortunately there is no magic bullet to the recovery process and the end results do vary.

So why is Drug and Alcohol Rehab Important?

Although a person can avoid a treatment center and just attend meetings, while working steps with a sponsor, they typically are quite fogged or may need a drug or alcohol detox before they are ready or even willing to let a someone else lead them into the recovery process ( The 12 Steps). A drug Treatment Program will allow them to attend groups and vent their frustrations and make their decision as to whether or not they want to recover or keep using. Unfortunately they have to make up their minds for themselves…

Sorry if I spoiled your parade parents, but forcing a child into drug treatment will only make them resent the situation worse, but the most successful ways of doing this would be to hold an intervention with the family writing letters of why they would want their loved one to go into treatment and that they love them and don’t want to see them die. This does work, but not all the time. Sometimes children are coddled by their parents and manipulate them into paying for their habits, and this must stop as soon as possible. Although it may just be because the parent loves their child and just want them to be happy, sometimes tough love is required to send the message that you want them to shape up or ship out.

If your son or daughter, husband or wife needs treatment we are only a phone call away! New Beginnings Behavioral Health Center is available 24/7 for a confidential consultation. We can assist you through the process of getting your loved one back and instruct you on what you can do to make it easier on yourself as the person who is struggling to deal with a loved one afflicted with drug addiction or alcoholism.

At NBBHC, you’ll find the most comprehensive and sophisticated Drug and Alcohol treatment program available. Our teams of drug and alcohol treatment professionals are on staff to help you and your loved one to free themselves from the effects of alcoholism and drug addiction. Our program is based on a 4 tier step down module, where in the beginning the client after having an initial assessment may need a detox, if detox is unnecessary the client will join our P.H.P. (also known as day treatment), I.O.P. or Intensive Outpatient Drug Treatment Program, and OP or Outpatient which is individualized therapy. The strongest foundation in NBBHC’s program is we never give up on our clients. We understand that having a family member afflicted with addiction is not very easy to deal with and we want to help the family rest at ease knowing that their loved one is in good hands.

At NBBHC we understand that the pain a loved one can cause due to their active addiction is unfathomable and we also provide counseling for the family as well. The focus is on developing those life skills to mane the root causes of addiction and teaching the client coping skills to handle the typically normal stresses everyday life can throw at us and teach them to work through the urges and cravings that alcoholism or drug addiction can cause. We also teach our clients to develop a network of people in the 12 step programs that are living healthy and productive lives.

Don’t Give Up Hope

If you or a loved one is suffering from an active addiction, Please don’t give up hope.

We are here to help

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