Why is Galloway Going Down This Road Again?

Resident is critical of the political atmosphere in Galloway at a time of economic crisis.

The people we elect to serve on Council are in turn responsible for hiring the people who serve in the township administration.  In the past two years, Galloway has become the laughingstock of Atlantic County due to the dysfunction on council and in the township administration because of these incidents:

1.     firing of the township clerk and her subsequent lawsuit against all of Council and township administration

2.     the prior mayor being forced out of office

3.     three people churned through the township manager  position before we finally got to the person serving currently

4.     newly hired CFO attempted to extort “lunch money” from the township taxpayers while earning $105,000 per year in salary

Before the circus of the past two years, we were treated to the forced resignation of a member of council who was arrested for stealing beer from a liquor store.

Meanwhile the town is in a deep financial hole due to the reckless manner in which money was spent in the years when the local economy was in good shape and the town was receiving large sums of money generated by impact fees being paid by developers who were building Four Seasons and Blue Heron Pines to name only two sources.

All of this points to the fact that for eight years, Galloway Council has been controlled and mismanaged by the Republicans. The common denominator in this scenario is that Theresa Lucarelli, the Republican Municipal Chair, has been the chief architect of this mess. She is the local Republican “leader” who has chosen who runs on the GOP ticket.  Now coming off of that hideous record, she is pushing John Mooney on the public.

This is the same John Mooney who has a lawsuit pending against Atlantic City. This lawsuit was generated by his resigning over the fact that he was demoted from chief of police to deputy chief and was being replaced by a public safety director.   When he was promoted to chief in 2006, he collected $218,000 for 390 days of unused sick leave plus another $31,000 for unused vacation!  And those figures are from 2006 when he was promoted to chief, God knows what he walked away with in 2010 when he resigned and then decided to sue Atlantic City charging “reverse discrimination.” (Thanks to Galloway Township News for putting this up on their website.)

The governor of NJ has been an outspoken critic of this kind of “payout” to people who leave office with a large pension and lifetime health benefits after having earned a very good salary paid by taxpayer dollars and then want another large sum dropped on them for not having taken days off from work due to illness.  It is unspeakably hypocritical for a Republican to campaign on bringing good government and fiscal responsibility to Council when that individual (Mooney) has benefited enormously from a broken and corrupt system.

Galloway taxpayers should think twice before voting for Mooney.  Voters should be aware of his attitude in regard to suing the taxpayers,  “the hand that feeds” him, and the fact that he’s been handpicked by the person who has put people on Council that brought us incompetence, financial chaos, and not one idea of how to solve the issues facing the township.

Michael Conley

Galloway Township, NJ

David Walker October 08, 2012 at 01:04 PM
I couldn't have said this any better. This is the same sentiment that some of us in Galloway have been saying for years. The problem in getting change is that not enough people are getting to the polls to make a difference. The same 15% of the population that put the current council in office, is still the only ones that get out to vote; and history has shown that the trend is to follow the wishes of the local GOP. If any of you that are reading the article or my comment, want real change, then get out and vote on election day. Furthermore, encourage anyone that's a registered voter to get out and vote. I know I'm tired of all the nonsence from council. How about you?
smithvillian October 08, 2012 at 02:59 PM
Michael....what you have summarized is just the tip of the iceberg. Galloway Twp. is in complete disarray and those that know how to take advantange of towns that are turned upside down by the mismanagement, corruption & general circuslike daily operations are flocking here to fleece the coffers. My suggestion....if you live in Galloway Twp. get your exit plan in place. The only problem....no one wants to move here so good luck selling a property.
Al DeSimone October 08, 2012 at 04:11 PM
Michael, You address many issues . For the sake of brevity I will respond to two. 1) Terry Lucarelli is the Galloway Township Republican club municipal leader. Republican candidates are chosen by the club. During election season, the local race often gets nasty. What has me disturbed is Terry is not running for office. She did not step in the arena. I am friends and acquaintences with many members of both local partys. We live in the same town. We have never attacked municipal leaders and club presidents. You are not James Carvalle. I am not Carl Rove. She is part of a local Republican club that beats local Democrates over and over and over. Nothing more , nothing less. 2) John Monney is a man of high intelect and character. A former police chief. A loyal volunteer. A good man. He will beat your candidate badly.
Al DeSimone October 08, 2012 at 05:08 PM
Brian, I was a candidate for assembly. Where we can agree to disagree is attacking club presidents, municipal leaders and county comm. They are volunteers.
Ron Schreiber October 08, 2012 at 05:49 PM
seems tome people who know how to fleece people out of their money are coming here to fill up their pockets and no one does anything about nothing .it's stealing 'theft by deception "I have seen $$$$$ go down the toilet so fast you couldn't hold on to it .. it's sad and the twp and employee's pay for it .
Ron Schreiber October 08, 2012 at 05:51 PM
I think it's called W.T.S.H.T.F. day is coming
Mike Suleiman October 08, 2012 at 06:19 PM
Mr. Conley, this is a fantastic letter. Galloway Township is heading down the wrong path and it's time for a change. Under Democrats, we had a $5 million surplus and thanks to the Bassford/Hartman/Purdy team we now have a $3 million deficit. In response to Councilman DeSimone, the Republican league has attacked club officials before. Just last year, Ms. Lucarelli attacked me in a letter to the editor about our responsibility to encourage the township to hire more Galloway residents. Ms. Lucarelli should handle herself more like Jenn Heller, the Galloway Republican President who is a class act and someone for whom I have much respect.
VTPat October 08, 2012 at 08:42 PM
"Ms. Lucarelli attacked me in a letter to the editor about our responsibility to encourage the township to hire more Galloway residents." I'm glad you weighed in on this Mike. I was just going to remind Al about this. In his attempt at self righteousness he forgot about this fact. With that said I remind Al about the very public disrespect and disdain shown to Meg Worthington during her last term on council. I was there and saw it, it is one of the things that awoke me to what's happening here. Galloway certainly needs change and I hope it begins this election and continues into next election. The republicans need to be defeated for Galloway to flourish.
Al DeSimone October 08, 2012 at 10:05 PM
VT. I didnt mean to sound self righteous. Im simply stating a fact. The local Republican club has beaten the local Democratic club soundly in nearly every election over last 18 years excluding when Chuck, Dave and Robert were victorious. As far as public disrespect, I also disagree. I have always liked and respected Meg and the entire Worthington family. I feel Tom and I took a harder and longer beating. As I stated,it goes with the territory. Brian McCoy- we simply have different out looks on local politics. Thats one of reasons this country was, is and will be the best country in the world.
David Walker October 09, 2012 at 12:08 PM
I'd like to remind Al of someone and something he's obviously forgotten. Remember former GTRL President Lenny Gray? How about all the personal attacks on him brought on by yourself, Tom, and Terry? These attacks continued even after he resigned from the position! You seem to be suffering from selective amnesia; there's alot of that going around the GTRL these days.
Al DeSimone October 10, 2012 at 12:39 AM
David, Please tell me when I attacked Len Grey. You are mistaken.
David Walker October 11, 2012 at 12:40 AM
Carriage House; County Committee meeting for assembly candidates; 2 other friends of Lenny overheard the comments.


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