Galloway Police Look to Place Two Officers in Galloway Schools

The officers will be hired as Class II officers on a part-time basis.

The Galloway Township Police Department and the Galloway Township Public Schools are finalizing a shared services agreement, and the police department is looking to hire two Class II officers to place in the schools.

The school district will fund the positions, the police department announced Wednesday evening.

“The School Resource Officer Program has always been a very valuable program. I was sorry to see the program leave the Township during financial struggles which affected the budget but the officers had to be re-deployed to maintain safety within the Township," Galloway Police Chief Pat Moran said. "As the Chief of Police, I am very proud to say that our school administrators work very closely with the Police Department and we equally agree that a Sworn Police Officer will exercise legal authority, be more effective, and will be the best choice for the schools."

The officers that are placed within the schools will be under the direction of the police department and assigned to perform the task(s) that the school administration requires to provide safety and additional resources for the students, staff and the community, Moran said.

The School Resource Officers will maintain the same certifications as the other patrol officers, and will fulfill in-service requirements legal updates, search and seizure, defensive tactics and firearms training as required by law and Police Department policy.

The Class II officers will be part-time employees, and the department will be focusing on hiring retired police officers preferably with experience in school related assignments to ensure the optimal efficiency and effectiveness of the program.

The Police Department would like to fill the positions prior to the beginning of the school year of school in September.

Resumes will be accepted with a deadline of Aug. 1, and can be mailed or dropped off in person at the Police Department during business hours at 300 East Jimmie Leeds Road in Galloway, and should be addressed, "Attn Chief of Police Patrick Moran."


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