Longport Commissioner's Wife Among Victims in Saturday Plane Crash That Killed Lewis Katz

Anne Leeds, 74, was among the victims listed on Friday. She was the wife of Longport Commissioner James Leeds, NBC Philadelphia reports.

Written by Liz Taurasi

The Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office out of Massachusetts released the identifications Monday for six of the seven individuals killed Saturday night when a plane crashed on takeoff at Hanscom Field.

Anne Leeds, 74, of Longport is listed among the victims. According to NBC Philadelphia, Ann Leeds was the wife of Longport Commissioner James Leeds. James Leeds received a message from his wife just before the plane was set to take off, according to the report.

The other victims identified on Monday included:
  • Pilot James McDowell, 51, of Georgetown, DE
  • Crew Member Teresa Ann Benhoff, 48, of Easton, DE
  • Passenger Lewis Katz, 72
  • Passenger Susan Asbell, 67, of Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Marcella Dalsey, 59, of Williamstown, NJ

There were seven people on board the Gulfstream IV that crashed on takeoff Saturday night out of Hanscom Field in Bedford, MA. The private plane was headed to Atlantic City International Airport in New Jersey.

The 911 calls following the crash were released Monday by Bedford Police.

NTSB Aviation Investigator Luke Shiada told the media Sunday the investigation is focused on finding the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder, to understand the sequence of events leading up to the crash. They will also be reviewing video from Hanscom.

Seven individuals were on board the plane when it crashed on takeoff around 9:40 p.m. Saturday night. They included two flight crew members, one pilot and four passengers.

A preliminary report on the crash of the initial factual information gathered in these initial stages of the investigation will be released by the NTSB in 10 days.


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