Democrats Issue Joint Statement on Route 30, Garden State Parkway Interchange

Democratic representatives from the county, Galloway and Absecon weigh in on interchange issue.

To the Editor:

For many years, Democrats in Absecon, Galloway Township, the Freeholder Board and others have urged Republican and Democratic administrations to create a full Garden State Parkway interchange for the White Horse Pike. A full interchange on Route 30 would help Absecon and Galloway bring more commercial ratables to the White Horse Pike, creating new jobs and economic opportunities for both our residents and for developers.

A full interchange  would also serve a vital public safety purpose by allowing emergency personnel another way to access AtlantiCare Hospital. If Jimmie Leeds Road is blocked, emergency vehicles could exit at the full interchange and travel westward on Route 30 to Chris Gaupp Drive and arrive at the hospital.

In the event of an emergency evacuation of Atlantic City and the other barrier islands, a  full interchange at Route 30 provides flexibility in distributing traffic among Route 40, the Atlantic City Expressway and Route 30 to allow for the most expeditious flow of evacuees westward.

We are grateful for Senator Whelan for aggressively taking the lead on this most important issue. Now is the time to come together and rally behind the creation of this interchange. It is our hope that the New Jersey Turnpike Authority listens to the concerns of residents all over Atlantic County and devises a plan to create a full Garden State Parkway interchange on Route 30.

Colin Bell, candidate for Atlantic County Freeholder at-Large
John Armstrong, candidate for Absecon Mayor
Bart Richter, candidate for Absecon Council Ward 1
Sandy Shenk-Cain, candidate for Absecon Council Ward 2
Jim McElwee, candidate for Galloway Township Council
Jim Gorman, Galloway Township Councilman

rebelman October 18, 2012 at 10:21 PM
If a full interchange is built on 30 Purdey collision must be demolished. Purdey is Galloway mayor.
Don G October 19, 2012 at 01:25 PM
You are wrong rebel man. Look at the plans


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