Fines Proposed For Continued Disregard of Skate Park Rules

A $250 fine and $65 processing fee have been proposed. The public hearing is July 10.

Galloway Township Council proposed fines of $250 plus a $65 processing fee for those who violate the rules of the skate park at its meeting Tuesday night, June 26 at the municipal complex.

Initially, the proposed penalty would’ve been $1,250, but Township Manager Arch Liston proposed dropping the fee to $500, with a $75 processing fee to get their equipment back.

“That still might be a little strong,” Mayor Don Purdy said. “We all know children do things their parents feel are inappropriate.”

Purdy felt parents shouldn’t be held accountable to that extent for the actions of their children.

The discussion came after the skate park was four weeks ago because those using it weren’t following the rules. Some failed to wear proper equipment, such as helmets, and others were using profanity and being destructive.

shut the park down four weeks ago, and reopened it with guidelines following the council meeting on June 13.

The $75 processing fee would have covered the cost of having a police officer handle disciplining offenders and confiscating and processing equipment.

“Can we lower the fee to $65,” Purdy asked. “If parents are mad enough, they’re not going to get the equipment back at all.”

“I think $65 would be effective,” Liston agreed.

The fine was lowered to a price “not to exceed $250.” “It’s a shame we have to do it at all,” Councilman Jim Gorman said.

“I would like to keep the park open,” Deputy Mayor Tony Coppola said. “It’s a shame a few offenders force us to do something like this.”

The skate park opened five years ago, and there have been since that time.

When the skate park was reopened at the last council meeting, Liston made it clear that it would be patrolled.

“It will be watched by the police department, public works, anyone going by there can call dispatch,” Purdy said following Tuesday night’s meeting.

Tuesday’s discussion was the first reading of the ordinance. A public hearing on the issue will be held at the July 10 meeting.

Keep Galloway Green June 27, 2012 at 01:29 PM
"I would like to keep the park open" Deputy Mayor Tony Coppola said. No that's not true....Tony Coppola & the rest of Council want to sell entire Municipal Complex including Skate Park. Why lie to the citizens that elected you?....Did you ever hear of the ROSI Documents?.....Council should be indicted for blatantly lying to the citizens. Maybe Purdy can tell Mrs J how he is so concerned about keeping the Post Office open again. Another fat lie!. Mrs J....Council wants to sell everything....Get it?
Keep Galloway Green June 27, 2012 at 01:38 PM
The only reason they are proposing these fines is so kids don"t use the Skate Park....then they can close & sell it. Galloway Council is a big Fraud!....Did Council ever think of issuing ID'S to the kids that use the Skate Park?....Then they could revoke those ID memberships if the kids didn't follow the rules. Simple....kick out the kids who don't go by the rules.
smithvillian June 28, 2012 at 03:36 PM
When are they going to shut down city hall for not following the rules?


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