Five Things You Need To Know About Tuesday's Council Meeting

Before the Republican members of council attended the Republican Committee's special meeting on Tuesday night, there was a council meeting. Here are five things you need to know coming out of that meeting.

1. Galloway Council approved penalties to be assessed against those who violate the rules. Violators will have their equipment confiscated and will only be able to retrieve it after paying a $65 processing fee. If the police department deems it necessary, violators will also have to pay a $250 fine. The penalties were deemed necessary after the skate park was temporarily closed last month and later reopened with stricter guidelines.

2. Council passed a resolution to allow the township to join the State Health Benefits Program for health benefits and a prescription drug program. The township was previously self-insured. Council said 134 of its 400 employees are under the township’s health care plan, which will now have fixed budget costs. Council also adopted a premium delay option under the State Health Benefits Program for a two-month transitional period.

3. Council tabled a resolution that would’ve authorized the township to enter into a shared services agreement with the Atlantic County Improvement Authority.

4. Council renewed the alcoholic beverage licenses for and for 2012-13.

5. A special meeting will be held tonight at 6 p.m. at the municipal complex to discuss the three candidates for the and the possibility of using an


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