Former Hoboken, Bridgeton Business Administrator Named Interim Acting Township Manager in Galloway

Arch Liston was also Township Manager and Chief of Police in Mount Holly.

Former Hoboken and Bridgeton Business Administrator Arch Liston was named the Interim Acting Manager at an Emergency Meeting called by the township at the municipal complex Tuesday night, Jan. 31.

Liston, 56, of Southampton, takes over for retiring Township Manager Steve Bonanni effective immediately, and becomes the third manager in as many years.

Liston will make $50 an hour and will be in place a minimum of three days a week.

He will be expected to clock in once he arrives at the manager’s office, via email to Mayor Don Purdy and the manager’s office, a new policy the township put in place.  The mayor will sign his timesheet on a bi-weekly basis.

Liston has a Master’s Degree in Governmental Administration from the University of Pennsylvania, and Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Law and Justice from Trenton State College.

He began his career as a police officer in Mount Holly in 1975 and worked his way up to the position of Chief of Police. He retired from that position, and returned to Mount Holly as the Township Manager, a position he held from July, 1999-September, 2006.

He then served as Business Administrator in Bridgeton from 2006-2010, before going on to the same position in Hoboken in May, 2010.

“He had an apartment in Hoboken and his wife and children stayed in South Jersey,” Purdy said. “It was a strain on his personal life.”

As a result, he resigned from his post in Hoboken, but wasn’t ready to retire.

When Bonanni announced his retirement on township officials said they were looking for someone from outside the area who demonstrated “excellent integrity, ethics and an understanding of the rules and regulations of township government.”

Purdy came across Liston at the state level. Members of council conducted an interview session with Liston during an executive session Tuesday night, before passing a resolution to name him Interim Acting Township Manager. Five members of council were present, with only Councilman Tom Bassford and Councilwoman Whitney Ullman not in attendance.

 The township will continue to conduct a search for a permanent manager, and is accepting applications through Feb. 17. Liston is eligible to interview for, be offered and accept a permanent job.

“This is a town I could retire in,” Liston said.

Liston faced challenges in Bridgeton and Hoboken, and is aware of recent events in Galloway Township, including issues with compensatory time, turnover at the positions of Township Clerk and Chief Financial Officer and various other issues that have plagued the township over the last year.

He isn’t worried about any of those issues during his tenure.

“I have certain experience, and I can cure some of the problems in the township,” Liston said. “Over the weekend, I took a tour of the township and saw some of the economic development potential. There’s a lot of economic development potential here.”

Liston takes over following Bonanni, who served as Acting Township Manager since the previous manager was removed from his on Jan. 25, 2011.

Liston said his goal is to establish customer-friendly services and a fair tax rate.

“I want people to have faith in our government,” Liston said.

Liston has experience in a college town, as Hoboken had a strong working relationship with the Stevens Institute of Technology. He would like to see a strong relationship between Galloway Township and the

He called pursuing grants “competitive.”

“We can apply for them and see what we can do,” Liston said in response to a question from resident Anna Jezycki.

He also said he’s participated in negotiations with unions both as a police officer in Mount Holly and as a township manager and business administrator.

“I dealt with five unions in Mount Holly, seven in Bridgeton and seven in Hoboken,” Liston said.

As Township Manager, Liston signs the checks for Galloway, but the township needed to be sure someone else could sign checks in an emergency, particularly with Liston only working three days a week, Purdy said. Council passed a resolution giving Purdy the authority to sign checks Tuesday night.

Purdy said previous mayors have been able to sign checks in an emergency situation, and this resolution allowed Purdy to do the same.

Tuesday night’s meeting was originally a special meeting called to discuss the position of township manager and the operations of the clerk’s office. Township Clerk Kimberley Hodsdon is leaving her position with the township to reprise her role as Director of Human Resources in Wildwood. Her last day in Galloway is Feb. 10.

However, due to an “inadvertent error,” notice for the special meeting was not published until Monday, Jan. 30. An Emergency Meeting was called to discuss the position of Township Manager, which becomes vacant at midnight and would’ve left the township without an executive in charge of its day-to-day operations.

Only the position of township manager was discussed Tuesday night. A special meeting could be called to discuss the clerk’s office, but discussion of that issue can also take place at the next regularly scheduled council meeting, on Feb. 14.

Grafix Avenger February 04, 2012 at 02:46 PM
People of Galloway, Smartnup is a wanna-be player imbecile who lives he lives with his mommy and daddy in Weehawken, calls himself 'BadSeed' and 'a hired gun'. The guy is a joke. He once made up some bizarre tale about me bringing a Hoover vacuum to his home,told our political reporter Al Sullivan, and posted these bizarre, pathological lies on nj.com. Another reporter, Ray Smith joked about his wild tale with me. And his babblings were easily disproven. As a result Smartnup (call him 'James') became the laughing stock of Hudson County, and I heard no one want to 'work' with him. The guy is an immature moron with 50 screen names, and has been spamming Patch. Contact me and I'll tell you more:: grafixavenger666@gmail.com http://grafixavenger.blogspot.com
Smartnup February 04, 2012 at 03:02 PM
People of Galloway, Nancy Pincus, Grafix Avenger is a crackpot blind follower of Mayor Zimmer. Read her blog and you will see. She thinks anyone who is against her political people are one of 2 people. Which I am not. I am simply posting links to let you see Listons previous work. Good day
BruceD February 04, 2012 at 05:16 PM
Well I see that the waters of Galloway have been infected with the toxic and carcinogenic presence of the myraid of screen names used by the paid poltiical operatives of the Russo/Mason cabal. All anyone has to do is google the names of Elizabeth Mason, Anthony Russo (ex mayor and felon) Peter Cammarano (ex mayor and felon) Michael Russo and add Hoboken to the search. What will pop is all you really need to know about this gang of crooks, thieves and polticial thugs with a bottomless checkbook and how they are kicking, screaming and bellowing that they are losing their grip on the municipal cash register. Did anyone in Galloway know that the ex parking director of Hoboken stole over $800,000.00 in quarters from the CIty? Read all about it on line. John Corea is his name - he was arrested. And these cretins who have invaded you think that he was a good guy. Happy surfing - the reports about the corruptiona dn municapl theivery availabel on line about Hoboken are legion - love the internet. BTW, I am on record as thinking that GA's site is one of the best examples of political satire currently available. Her wit and barb like humor is so sharp and stinging that it has the Russo/Mason cabal all in a tizzy. So much so that they have to travel all the way to Galloway and stick their nose in your business, because they fear her so much.
Keep Galloway Green February 04, 2012 at 10:07 PM
Looks like a swarm of Greenheads followed Arch here. ...lol....At least he came with his own message board posters...lolol....Would hate to see NO comments. So I'm wondering...How long will he last in Galloway?....Days...weeks....months? ...Galloway wants to sell Open Space Land to Developers & Stockton College. They want to take away soccer fields...tear down the entire Municipal Complex buildings ( about 7 not so old buildings)...then maybe sell a playground & skate park & lake. Arch is gonna be right in the middle of that mess! So far DEP says no. Galloway doesn't believe in giving residents a vote in the matter. Ain't America great!
Smartnup February 05, 2012 at 03:27 AM
Well his old boss Zimmer hated people to vote so good luck.


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