Galloway Polling Places To Change For June Primary

Atlantic County has redistricted 11 municipalities.

Galloway Township polling places will change for the 2012 primary, as the township is among the 11 municipalities redistricted this year by Atlantic County, according to a Friday press release from the county.

The county urges voters to read their sample ballots to determine where they should vote. A complete list of 2012 polling places is available on the county website.

Starting on Monday, May 21, the Board of Elections will also activate a polling place hotline, which can be reached at 609-645-5834 or 609-645-5879. Voters may also contact their local municipal clerk, which, for Galloway is accessible by phone at 609-652-3710.

“We want to ensure that all voters know where they are supposed to vote and that they go to the correct polling place,” said Maureen Bugdon, Secretary of the Board of Elections.

Although if a voter does go to the incorrect place they will still be able to vote via provisional ballot, election officials are urging voters to head to their assigned polling place.

“If a voter goes to vote at the wrong polling place, they may be issued a provisional ballot, but we would encourage voters to find out their correct polling place so they will be able to cast their vote in the machine,” said Paula Dunn, Chairperson of the Board of Elections.

This year's primary will be held on June 5.

Kevin Dermanoski May 19, 2012 at 06:40 AM
This is the 1st time I have seen this polling place change announcement. Has it been published before this week? If so, I apologize. If not, I feel these changes are being made at the saKe of fairness to citizens. The election process is sacred to our democracy. Changes made to the election process, this close to election day puts our democracy at risk. I do not mean to be dramatic. I simply take our voting system seriously and as sacred. Thank you for this privaledge to voice my opinion. Sincerely, Kevin Dermanoski


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