Galloway Township's 2013 Committees

These are the committees established at Wednesday night's reorganization meeting.

The following is a list of the council members appointed to various committees at Wednesday night’s Galloway Township Reorganization Meeting at the municipal complex. The chairperson for each committee is listed first:

Budget Committee: Tony Coppola, Don Purdy, Brian Tyrrell

COAH Committee: Brian Tyrrell, Tom Bassford, Whitney Ullman

Economic Development Committee: Tony Coppola, Don Purdy, Jim McElwee

Education Committee: Brian Tyrrell, Jim McElwee, Whitney Ullman

Grants Committee: Brian Tyrrell, Jim Gorman, Whitney Ullman

Infrastructure Committee: Tony Coppola, Jim Gorman, Don Purdy

Parks and Recreation Committee: Tony Coppola, Tom Bassford, Jim Gorman

Safety Committee: Brian Tyrrell, Tom Bassford, Tony Coppola

Purchasing Committee: Tony Coppola, Don Purdy, Brian Tyrrell

Ratables Committee: Tony Coppola, Brian Tyrrell, Jim Gorman

Veterans Committee: Tony Coppola, Jim McElwee, Whitney Ullman

NOTES: Originally, Whitney Ullman was named to the Economic Development Committee. However, during the meeting, Jim McElwee requested to be placed on the committee, and the change was made. … Tony Coppola chairs seven committees, while Brian Tyrrell chairs four. However, according to Mayor Don Purdy and Tyrrell, the chair positions are flexible, and changes are possible when the committees meet. … Despite only two Democrats being on the seven-member council, seven of the 11 committees features one or the other, but no committee features both Jim Gorman and Jim McElwee.


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