Mayor Expresses Displeasure Over Turnpike Authority Meeting Date Change

He said the change is unfair to the residents of Galloway Township.

Mayor Don Purdy said on Monday that earlier this year he had to beg the New Jersey Turnpike Authority to schedule a meeting regarding proposed changes that could affect Parkway rest stop access in Galloway Township, so when that two days before it was scheduled, he was disappointed.

"I think its unfair to the residents of Galloway Township," he said, adding that the meeting was designated as a special meeting of the council in order to allow for more than three members of the council to be present.

Purdy said that on the new proposed date, Monday, Aug. 27, he will be out of town.

"If they wanted to change the time and date they should have done it a lot sooner than now," he said. "A lot of residents were looking forward to it and made plans to be there."

The meeting was also moved from the Galloway Township Municipal Building to the 's Trustees Room in the Campus Center.

VTPat August 20, 2012 at 11:37 PM
LOL Purdy is absolutely right. What a dirty trick, what else to expect from any "authority."
Jim McElwee August 21, 2012 at 11:01 AM
The change in date and venue won't deter the residents of Galloway from showing up.This issue is too important to let slide.I urge everybody to make time in their schedules to voice their concerns to NJTA. It sounds to me that they expected an ambush in council chambers so they think they can skew the attendance #'s and control the outcome. Galloway must show them that we will not be denied our voice on this Project.
rich price August 21, 2012 at 03:02 PM
First of all,we should have someone from our district on the N.J.Turnpike Auth.There is no one from south jersey,all from the north,andyet it composses a vast majority of roadway that goes through Galloway,come onj council get in touch with the Gov.,make it happen,we need a voice. This is one exampl of us getting the bad end of it.It is a discrase to be made to go to Stocton,we have seniors and disabled tring to find a parking space or walk that distance to the Trustee Room,Council should organise this fiasco and provie buses and advertise that trasportation will be leaving the municiple parking lot at different times.This should be an organised event to show the the authority we mean bussiness.


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