Mayor Wants Council to Consider Liquor Distribution License

He brought it up again after initially mentioning it in June.

In the wake of Galloway Township employees receiving notices of on Monday, Sept. 10, Mayor Don Purdy once again mentioned a liquor distribution license the township is in possession of at the council meeting on Tuesday night, Sept. 11.

“This license would’ve brought in more money in the past, but I need to think about today,” Purdy said, referring to the current economic climate in the township and the country. “It could spark economic development. If someone had the license and opened something up, they would need employees. There’s land here in Galloway Township that can be used. I will leave no stone unturned to help the people of Galloway, but I need the support of council.”

The license allows prospective business owners to purchase an empty lot and a liquor license at the same time, rather than purchasing the lot and then taking an extra step to purchase the license. According to Purdy, the Township has been in possession of the license for the last three or four years. When he first mentioned the license in June, he said it had been a year and a half since the last inquiry about it.

“I agree with you,” Councilman Tom Bassford said Tuesday night. “It doesn’t hurt us to put out a minimum bid.”

Purdy referred to a license that was sold in a neighboring community a few years back, but recognized the economic situation is drastically different. He also thought it might be easier to sell the license if the person had a building they could move right into.

Solicitor Michael Fitzgerald cautioned council that once the license is sold, anything that comes after that is out of council’s control.

“The owner can do whatever they want,” Fitzgerald said.

As Councilman John Mooney pointed out there are a couple of licenses “floating around” in Absecon, Fitzgerald agreed it’s “not the best time to do it.”

Ultimately, council agreed to put a resolution on the next agenda to consider sale of the license.

“Before the end of the year, I want to get this done,” Purdy said.

Mike Greb September 14, 2012 at 05:22 PM
One minor point, the licenses Councilman Mooney referred to in Absecon where retail licenses. The Galloway license is a distribution license as noted in the article.
Keep Galloway Green September 15, 2012 at 02:50 PM
Purdy is so concerned with helping Galloway residents...Too funny! What did Galloway do to "help' all those people who ended up in foreclosure?...Nothing!....That's what got Galloway in this mess. Purdy only wants to do things for the glory of....Don Purdy!.....Don't let Purdy close the Galloway Post Office!
Keep Galloway Green September 15, 2012 at 03:10 PM
Let's look at Purdy's legacy as Galloway Council/Mayor. 1. During his time Galloway got lawsuits..lawsuits...lawsuits. 2.Purdy & Cohorts said Galloway was going to build 4 mil $$$ Senior Center...but that was switched to rehabbing an old VFW for 1.2 mil$$$...that didn't work right from day 1. I guess they didn't want to build the Senior Center on Galloway Property so they can sell the Municipal Complex.3. Purdy wants to add a closed Post Office to his legacy. 4.Giving layoff notices to 90% of the Galloway workforce. 5.Oh...keeping Marilyn Dolcy employed...( serial white collar criminal)...6.Purdy wants to sell entire Municipal Complex...sell Imagination Station...sell the Skate Park....sell Patriot Lake...sell the soccer/football fields...sell all buildings. Purdy's real legacy is one of lawsuits...closings & trying to sell everything. Oh & keeping a CFO employed who should be in prison. Oh & Galloway can't seem to fix anything at Patriot Lake!...Newsflash!...Kids are tearing the place apart!...& Don't forget giving Norman Risley permission to build some unneeded condos. Galloway = worst run town in NJ!
Ron Schreiber September 15, 2012 at 09:03 PM
I suppose the Mayor and the Police are doing what they can...that is ?.
Keep Galloway Green September 16, 2012 at 03:15 AM
Police Station is about 100 yards away from Patriot Lake. Didn't Galloway put some expensive camera on their tower at the complex?...Yes they did...but they never seem to catch anybody. Galloway should fix the vandalism & put a cop there. Kids / people are there...sometimes in large numbers. Galloway should fix the ever flooded fishing dock also. ...Read the ROSI documents...Galloway wants to remove restrictions from the entire property so they can sell it to developers. The state has some deed restrictions on the Galloway property...that's why it hasn't been sold. They would sell it if they could. Purdy is all for that stupid idea.
Don G September 16, 2012 at 01:50 PM
Ouch Mayor Coppola? Can't say it's a step backwards. Not much could be from Purdy in my opinion. He would never let that seat go. It's the pinnacle of his life. I hear lots of politically charged statements but no ideas. Try participating in the process with ideas. Go to a meeting and present your thoughts. I can assure you they read them here and mock you for not knowing the reality. Keep Galloway Green you are likely the most guilty. Ou show up around election season and spew your garbage as if you know anything. You're clearly not informed.
Keep Galloway Green September 16, 2012 at 02:06 PM
Galloway has been trying to remove all deed restrictions from the entire Municipal Complex for the last 5 years. That includes Imagination Station...Skate Park...Soccer fields...Patriot Lake...Community Garden...all buildings (except Library which is county owned)...Galloway wants to sell the land to Stockton for dorms ( Gee...Stockton won't pay any taxes on that)....& sell the land to other developers to build shops ( strip mall). Purdy & Council are all in favor of this ( I don't hear any opposition). Read the Rosi documents. Just because Galloway is not publicly talking about doing this...they sure have been trying for the last 5 years. Purdy & Council should be run out of town. Look me up on Facebook..."Keep Galloway Green"....I'll see if I can send you the Rosi Documents written by Galloway.
Don G September 16, 2012 at 07:07 PM
@joshua I was referring keep Galloway green. We aren't choosing from the sleezbags 3 choices. They gave us mooney.
Keep Galloway Green September 17, 2012 at 12:22 AM
Don G I've been here long before election season...so your wrong on that. I can see plenty wrong with Galloway. Like the dock at Patriot Lake...they could either raise the dock or lower the water or sue the incompetent engineer who designed it. Who did that work?...Dixson?....What garbage am I spewing?....I must have touched on something you don't like. Tell me what I'm so uninformed about?....
Don G September 17, 2012 at 03:24 AM
You did. I don't like uninformed big mouths that spew political garbage. That's you! You really want to deal with a freaking lake dock? Is that the most important issue we have to deal with in Galloway ? Sue Dixon? Really is that a good use of taxpayer funds ? Don't we have enough lawsuits going on as a result of this administration? Patriot lake is a retention basin that was beautified ! You want to spend money to fix it? Well Doran Engineering has reviewed and approved the fixes in place so both engineers were wrong? Let me guess you think Remington vernick or Churchill should have done it! Did they contribute to the campaign for the Galloway democrats? Sure did! Btw you showed up pre election 2011 you got real quiet when the democrats lost and now you are back. No, I'm not a republican I think this admin has been disaster for us.
Don G September 17, 2012 at 03:43 AM
KGG I know exactly what the rosi documents say. Do you have any idea if this council has done a thing to move that process along in the past year? No they have not. The idea died. It wasn't a bad idea either. They needed taxes from the ratables built there. Most agreed that ratables were part of the solution a yes Stockton pays they just are not required to. They pay at seaview and would pay for the off campus housing like they do for all the homes they own in pine hurst area. So again you spew rhetoric while being uninformed. But you bring it up again only because the election is coming. You didn't have luck with that argument before but you continue to recycle it ?
Keep Galloway Green September 17, 2012 at 04:02 AM
So your saying 2 engineers have reviewed Patriot Lake & it's still a mess. Too Funny!. Where did they get their degrees Kmart?....Here's an idea that might be too smart for them. Hook up the sprinkler system to the lake to water the flowers & trees. Sprinkler system is already installed. Get it? Not rocket science. I'm uninformed about what? That Galloway is the worst run town in NJ. Galloway doesn't want to fix anything at Patriot Lake...Purdy wants to close the Post Office...Purdy wants to sell the whole Municipal Complex...Galloway has lawsuit after lawsuit. Purdy gives out layoff notices to 90% of workforce. Am I missing something?....This whole Mayor & Council are a joke. Why is Galloway in such a mess?...Maybe they should have spent less in boom times & saved more for a rainy day. Atlantic City Casinos have laid off about 20,000 people since out of state casinos popped up. Didn't anybody in Galloway Council think that would effect Galloway in the form of foreclosures? Monday's Press has been chock full of sheriff sales for a long time now. I guess King Purdy is downsizing so he can sell the complex.
Concerned GT Resident September 17, 2012 at 04:17 AM
Kgg, Your correct in some parts, but you have this obsession with the Municipal Complex. Understandable if you are a neighbor adjacent to the complex which I would assume you are. Realistically, if the Township ever decided to do anything, you certainly would know. I highly doubt they can keep tearing down the Municipal Complex hidden behind closed doors like the Mayor does with everything else. Heck, he may even borrow the Kline's tractor like he did before and knock the complex down himself, of course after he tows all the cars away and then charges them. Your issue is an issue, just realistically is only .01% of all the other issues happening in Galloway. Can you finally move on to another subject of debate?
Keep Galloway Green September 17, 2012 at 02:05 PM
Concerned GT Resident...The whole Municipal Complex Issue just shows the rotten intent of this Mayor & Council. They have spent $$$ on legal fees & fought the DEP over this for 5 years. Gee...does Galloway have so much $$$ they can get into multi year legal battles with the State over some ill thought out Purdy loving pie in the sky plan?....lol....But I'll move on to the Post Office...Purdy wants to close it on Jan 1 , 2013. ( Maybe Jan 2...Jan 3....I can already hear people screaming that I'm uninformed....lol). So that's in 3 1/2 months. Purdy said he doesn't want to "hurt the little guy) meaning that UPS store across the street. What a load of BS...Purdy always has some slick answer. In the course of a year thousands of Galloway residents use the Post Office at the complex. Are the thousands of residents less important than 1 UPS store who seems to be doing quite well there?....
Keep Galloway Green September 17, 2012 at 02:13 PM
Check out todays Monday Press...It's chock full of Sheriff Sales as usual. Do the Mayor & Council think that won't effect Galloway?...As I understand it ( maybe I'm uninformed again...lol) ...banks don't pay taxes on foreclosed properties til they sell them...which could be years. Which means...Galloway is gonna be a little short...like 3 mil $$$ worth.
Keep Galloway Green September 18, 2012 at 09:25 PM
The Jim Leeds Post Office is owned by Galloway. It is run by Galloway. It is Galloway employees there not the US Post Office. Galloway has some agreement with them. If it closes Galloway can't ever get it back. Purdy & Company want to close it not the US Post Office. It boggles my mind that Galloway made between $12,000 - $15,000 on the Carnival...which would have covered the Post Office shortfall...instead Galloway gave the $$$ away to Absegami Band & others. Purdy & Company act like Rockafellars with taxpayers $$$. Thousands of people use the Post Office at the Municipal Complex in a years time. This is just another example of Purdy mismanaging funds. Don't let Purdy get his way...he's only 1 person in a town of 37,000.
Keep Galloway Green September 19, 2012 at 04:24 AM
Does everyone live in Oceanville? I think not. The Carnival funds should be used for the Post Office. Carnival is held on Galloway Property. Post Office is for the benefit of residents. It's absurd to give away those proceeds . That's like if your kids are starving & you give away the groceries. Makes no sense whatsoever. Blog all you want. Blogs don't alter common sense. Galloway is worst run town in NJ.
Keep Galloway Green September 19, 2012 at 02:20 PM
I still say Galloway is worst run town in NJ. Look at all the needless BS in Galloway. Lawsuits...lawsuits... lawsuits. A former Mayor that was too busy going to Nashville & Dallas Cowboys games than be Mayor. A CFO who gave away taxpayer $$$ without approval to 2 cops. Layoff notices to 90% of workforce. Galloway saying they were going to build 4 mil $$$ senior center...than replace it with a 1.2 mil $$$ rehab that doesn't work right. Approving all those "Clubs Condos"...which have turned out to be crime havens. Letting Risley build his half baked shopping center ...& approving his half baked condo project. Keeping a serial white collar criminal CFO on the payroll. Hiring & firing Rodger Tees...Trying to sell the Municipal Complex without asking the residents if they give their approval....maintaining Patriot Lake....constant executive sessions...Purdy pretending he wants to keep Post Office. The list goes on & on. Closing the Post Office represents a huge failure by a town that has a 24 mil $$$ budget. By not using Carnival proceeds to keep Post Office running shows that Galloway doesn't really care about their residents. Galloway is intentionaly mismanaged. You can believe whatever you want...you thought the Post Office was run By USPO...not true...so I don't know how informed you are?....lol
Mike Greb September 19, 2012 at 03:59 PM
The Post Office is run by the USPS, it's just paid for by the township. The reason this arrangement came about is the USPS said a post office in that location wasn't needed and couldn't be supported financially.
Keep Galloway Green September 19, 2012 at 10:32 PM
The Post Office is run by Galloway employees. Go in there & ask them. So much for that voice of reason....lol
Keep Galloway Green September 19, 2012 at 11:03 PM
Now your saying I shouldn't talk about the Post Office...The Municipal Complex...Patriot Lake...What else shouldn't I talk about?.....lololololol


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