Mooney Hopes To Continue Learning In New Role As Councilman

Mooney's first meeting as councilman was held on Tuesday, Aug. 14.

John Mooney says that he expects being a of the Galloway Township Council to be a learning process.

"I've been able to meet with the township manager," he said. "To get briefed to the current situation in Galloway Township, and have had similar interactions with other members of council; just brief, insightful moments as to different items that find their way onto the agenda."

Mooney was on August 2. His first meeting .

At earlier this month, Mooney walked and talked with township residents.

"I was able to meet with some constituents there," he said. "Hear their voices and concerns; those are things that have helped me along."

Some of the biggest concerns that he says he has heard since joining the council are those of the , of which there will be a meeting held on Monday afternoon, and also issues with administrative burden on the .

"There were some concerns raised to me about the issues with our fire department," he said. "And basically providing an administrative arm to handle the paperwork for our fire department."

This he said, is a concern, because the fire department, which consists of volunteers, needs to handle required paperwork involving training records and other administrative necessities.

"Volunteers are completely willing to do whatever they have to do to protect our community," said Mooney. "To get out of bed in the middle of the night if need be, risk their lives, but their concern is they need some assistance to handle administrative paperwork."

Previously, Mooney said, there was an employee handling administrative work for the department, but that employee has since left.

"I've received assurances from the township manager that the situation is going to be rectified," he said.

Mooney was chosen to replace Dennis Kleiner by the , but the appointment lasts only through the end of this year, so for Mooney to retain his seat he would first have to win a special election in November against .

The winner of that election would serve through the remainder of Kleiner's unexpired term, the end of 2013. Which means that, if Mooney was to defeat McElwee, he would be up for reelection again in 2013.

"I don't think that I would be using my time wisely to develop a five year plan right at the moment," said Mooney. "I think that I have to look at the short term and see how best to use my energies to help the township in the short term, and we'll see if the citizens of Galloway approve of me in the fall."

The township's budget is also on the forefront of Mooney's mind.

"One way or another I'll be involved in helping formulate a budget that will be adopted next year, and I think that will be my greatest task," he said.

Jim McElwee August 22, 2012 at 10:54 AM
FYI, The meeting with the NJTA was rescheduled for Monday Aug. 27th, and moved to the Trustee Room at the Richard Stockton Collage campus center. I hope for a large turnout.
rich price August 22, 2012 at 12:50 PM
Get Stocton to arrange a BUS,that parking lot is etrosious,try walking it or find a parking place,think about the seniors and handicapped?Dont forget to advertise in the paper and GTV on pick up times.I hope this idea isnt kicked aside.It would be nice to see this matter handled like a community emergency.
Chuck Mackintosh August 22, 2012 at 06:50 PM
I believe Mr.Mooney is sincere in his belief of trying to fix, the fire department assistant problems.Let me say this to him,we as a group of 180 volunteers have been trying to have this problem fixed since the middle of June.We met with the Mayor and Council who promised to fix this problem numerous times but for some unknown reason refuse to exercise their rights and tell the manager to fix this problem WHY.As a single entity in this town how can they expect one man, the TOWNSHIP CHIEF and FIRE OFFICAL who has the responsibility for the lives and property of 38,000 plus people,,to do this work by himself with little or known help from this town.because the Manager,who has an assistant,doesn't believe he deserve an assistant.I wish you well in your endeavor to fix this problem. Thank You A Taxpayer,a Fireman and especially a VOTER


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