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Galloway Township Republican League Changes Leadership

Terry Lucarelli will resign as municipal chair, and Jennifer Heller will resign as head of the party.

UPDATE, 10:37 p.m.: Moliver was unanimously elected GTRL Municipal Leader Monday night, according to Tyrrell. Coombs was unanimously elected GTRL President and Jim Cox was unanimously elected Vice President.

ORIGINAL: Galloway Township Republican League Muncipal Leader Terry Lucarelli and GTRL head Jennifer Heller are resigning from their positions within the league.

Lucarelli confirmed on Monday afternoon, Feb. 25, that she is resigning for personal reasons.

"I will still be on County Committee Committee and an active member of the GTRL," Lucarelli said via email Monday afternoon. "I have been trying to find a replacement for a year.  Finally someone has come forward."

Heller confirmed Monday afternoon she is moving to Absecon and is resigning from her position as a result.

Her resignation was first reported by Galloway Township News.

According to Councilman Brian Tyrrell, the club will name a new municipal leader, as well as president and vice president when it meets tonight, Feb. 25, at Tyrrell said.

Jorge Coombs is a candidate for GTRL President, and Jim Cox is up for vice president, Tyrrell said. Steve Moliver is a leading candidate for municipal leader.

Tyrrell didn't know of any other candidates at this time.

"Terry has organized the Republican Party in Galloway, taking a leadership role when the town Council had but one Republican representing the party," Tyrrell said. "We've come a long way and owe Terry a good deal of gratitude for her service. She'll remain on County Committee and active in the club."

"We're thrilled with what (Heller's) accomplished for the club these past years."

Under Lucarelli's leadership, the league has financed the campaigns of the five Republicans currently on council.

Lucarelli's had a public falling out with the past two mayors of Galloway Township. In October, Galloway Patch reported Mayor Don Purdy was involved in a movement to break away from the Republican Club, and start a new Republican group, due to his falling out with Lucarelli.

In 2011, former Mayor Keith Hartman told Galloway Patch he no longer in the sense that he no longer considered the GTRL's beliefs to be aligned with his own.

Keep Galloway Green February 26, 2013 at 03:19 PM
Getting rid of all Republicans on Council would be a great start. I would hope the Democrats would bring some common sense to Galloway.... Purdy & Co have been a disaster to Galloway...a laughingstock. Vote out Purdy.....Bassford (He lives in PA !) & Uhlman in Nov. Galloway deserves better!!!!!!
1776 February 26, 2013 at 03:25 PM
Dr. Tyrell's statement is exactly why most republicans that I know will be voting for the dems this nov. "We've come a long way and owe Terry a good deal of gratitude for her service. She'll remain on County Committee and active in the club." The republicans have shown such unbelievable incompetence all the way around, I don't see how they have any realistic shot at pulling off the next election. What were we thinking allowing a grease monkey in a cheap suit to be our mayor? It's time for real change!
Red February 26, 2013 at 07:38 PM
Moliver is a toadie who can't get anything done. His forte is making "plans" that result in no action. Jim Cox - LOL -- so much money, so few brains. Tyrrell -- the emptiest of empty suits. Hartman - another reason that the GOP should hang its head in shame -- the morally bereft mayor who was forced out of office because of his "inter office relationships." You reap what you sew and when you have people with no principles and ethics making the decisions and choices of who runs for office, you end up with the mess we have in Galloway -- in the hole financially, not enough money to keep an adequate number of cops on the street, no services such as leaf and large item pickup, an attorney who is so inept that the town had to hire another attorney to "help him" with redacting the OPRA requests, a township clerk so inept that she's incapable of reviewing the OPRA requests on her own, four township managers in less than two years, and one twp. manager who spent some of his working hours visiting a "working girl" in Ocean City. With that record the citizens of Galloway should be at Council and dragging the Republicans and their braindead hires in the township out of the room and tarring and feathering them.
Keep Galloway Green February 26, 2013 at 11:17 PM
I second that motion!....lol
smithvillian February 27, 2013 at 12:00 AM
Look at those two knuckleheads in that picture.....and that Cox, what a pompous unlikable individual.....Terry, See ya later alligator!...seems fitting.


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