Township Clerk Misses Tuesday Night's Meeting

The mayor and deputy mayor described the situation as a personnel matter. Lisa Tilton had no comment.

Galloway Township Clerk Lisa Tilton wasn't in attendance at Tuesday night's meetng.

Deputy Clerk Carol Hackney served in her position, and council passed a resolution allowing for Hackney to"sign all checks issued from the Municipal Clerk's Account in the absence of the Municipal Clerk."

Tilton had no comment as to her reason for missing the meeting.

Following the meeting, Deputy Mayor Don Purdy said he couldn't comment on her absence, describing it as a "personnel issue."

Tilton has been employed by the township since October 2001, and had never missed a meeting until Tuesday night.

When asked about Tilton's status as an employee with the township, Mayor Keith Hartman only reiterated, "It's a personnel issue."

Madeline Michelle June 16, 2011 at 02:40 PM
The woman hasn't missed a meeting in ten years?? I have missed more than one meeting at work in 6 months. Is this really news? Does the poor woman get a sick day? a personal day? I mean, c'mon! REALLY? ONE MEETING IN 10 YEARS SHE MISSES????


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