Township Considering Participation in Direct Install Program to Help Cover Costs of Energy Upgrades

Grants would cover about 53 percent of the project's total costs, leaving the township to cover about 46 percent of the costs.

Atlantic City Electric is offering a total of $104,629 in grant money for energy upgrades to three buildings in the township’s municipal complex, according to numbers released by Galloway Township Manager Arch Liston.

The total cost to the township would be $90,502. The Atlantic City Electric grants would cover 53.62 percent of the $195,131 project. The township would cover 46.38 percent of the cost.

The grant money is part of the New Jersey Office of Clean Energy’s Direct Install Program. According to the New Jersey Office of Clean Energy’s website, the program is designed to benefit “small to mid-sized commercial and industrial facilities with a peak electric demand that did not exceed 150 kW in any of the preceding 12 months.”

According to the website, applicants submit the previous year’s worth of electric bills to show they meet the requirements set forth by the state.

“This program funds 75 percent up to $75,000 per building,” Liston wrote in an email to council members. “This will upgrade all air conditioning systems (needs replacement anyway) and lighting systems.  The return on cost is three years.  We have prior bonds approved for building improvements.”

“The air conditioning unit in (the township building) is from 1984,” Mayor Don Purdy said during a discussion of the issue at the council meeting on Sept. 24.

The buildings in question are the township building, the former ambulance squad building and the Galloway Township Police Department building.

The township would be responsible for the greater cost of the upgrades to the township building at $77,804, as opposed to $75,000 covered by the grants. The total cost for the township building will be $152,804.

However, the grants cover the majority of improvements to the other two buildings.

The grants would cover $20,451 for the former ambulance building, while the township would pick up $8,765 of the tab. The total cost of these upgrades would be $29,215.

The grants cover $9,178 for the police department, while the township would have to cover $3,933 of the bill. The total cost of the upgrades for the police department would be $13,112.

According to the Office of Clean Energy’s website, installation is typically completed within 90 days of the beginning of the projects.


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