Township Manager Authorized to Discuss Bike Path With County

Discussion about the park began in September.

authorized Manager Arch Liston to enter into talks with Atlantic County concerning an area near the that could possibly be used for a bike park, following a closed session discussion Tuesday night, May 8, Mayor Don Purdy said.

“There will be public hearings and it’s still early,” Purdy said. “We’re looking for this to come at no cost to the township. The county has open space money designated for this. It would be nice to have this for township residents through the county.”

The council authorized Liston to discuss different ways to utilize the area.

A few months ago, Councilman Dennis Kleiner and Deputy Mayor Tony Coppola approached Go Green Galloway about a for that area, which encompasses 400 acres of restricted open space. It’s located along Route 9, and is currently owned by the county.

The plan calls for one paved trail and one single track cut through the woods in a 2.7-mile loop for the area. The paved trail would be for families and beginners, while the other would benefit more experienced riders who are looking to ride on a more technical trail. Access to the trail would come off Jimmie Leeds Road.

The nearest such trails currently exist in Estell Manor.

The idea has been pitched as a means of making Galloway Township a “biking destination,” with low impact to the environment.

Shortly following their presentation to Go Green Galloway in September, they started a Facebook page titled “Support Atlantic County building a bike park in Galloway Township.” It started strong with 1,200 Facebook friends, Kleiner said Tuesday night, and as of Tuesday, 974 members remained.

“In one week, we had 1,200 people. Some of them dropped off because they didn’t want the notifications,” Kleiner said. “But it’s a good resource. Everyone’s on Facebook.”

betsy May 09, 2012 at 11:41 AM
No, not everyone is on Facebook. But lots of us who aren't are eagerly awaiting the bike path and are pleased that the township is pursuing it.
Gerry Creighton May 09, 2012 at 11:56 AM
The plan was actually revised not to have the 2.7mi loop paved but make it a packed stone dust path. This would lower the cost of the project and keep it a more natural setting. The entire project will be great for all of Atlantic County but more so for the local residents who want a great place for outdoor recreation.


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