Week in Review: House Fire, Obama Challenged by NJ Residents

A weekly recap of the past week's news.

This week we saw fires around the state and heard challenges to President Obama's eligibility on New Jersey primary ballots.

Here are some more highlights from the past week's news:

On Monday, we posted a  and a , saw and heard challenges to to be on New Jersey's primary ballot.

On Tuesday, we posted a your business listing on Patch, heard some of the from around the state, announced that there is an online database that lists , found out about an American Cancer Society , saw a fire  and heard the Galloway City Council .

On Wednesday, we get rid of the penny, announced that two Galloway employees after rescuing a wheelchair bound woman from a fire, heard questions about a  and saw that a man who fell off a ladder at a Purdy Automotive Construction Site .

On Thursday, we , announced that a local teacher will in May, posted a letter about a proposed senior center , announced that the  and saw the Greater Egg School District conduct a "."

On Friday, we explored how Richard Stockton College to the college affordability crisis, heard about  in New Jersey, saw a student against Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony, of last weeks reader's choice and saw a judge who wished to have his name removed from New Jersey's primary ballot.

On Saturday, we who died on the Titanic, saw a  and about a proposed State Police Barracks.


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