Week in Review: Stockton Honors Troops, State Assemblyman Passes Away

A weekly recap of the past week's news.

This week we reported on a politician's death, saw a local dog's brush with fame, and much more. Here are some of the highlight's from the past week's news:

On Monday, we possession of a handgun and aggravated assault arrests, some new local hospitalists, at some unorthodox police stories from around the state, crash through the front door of Goodwill, a New Jersey man get to the Super Bowl, saw Stockton , and lose to Marymount.

On Tuesday, we the State of the State address because of the death of Alex DeCroce, the state's longest serving assemblyman, open in Northfield, to DeCroce's death, including a ,  of Galloway Township Manager Stephen J. Bonanni Sr. and saw the state legislature .

On Wednesday, we about a Greater Egg Harbor Regional School District project that was approved by voters in December of last year, but also have concerns about the district's busing situation, introduced a coming to the school district and  of an art show.

On Thursday, we , , saw a teen suicide prevention bill get ,  that two members of the Galloway Community Charter School Board of Trustees are ineligible to serve, and saw Galloway officials .

On Friday, we watched a former Democractic candidate on the planning board, at  and saw after a car bursted into flames.

On Saturday, we released the from the county's Martin Luther King Day event, one of the county's newest corrections officers and .          


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