Assumption Junior High School Science Fair Winners

Who took home this year's awards?

The following is the list of winners in this year's Science Fair:

Physics: 1st Place (tie) – Natalya Bouzy and Jerris Breitzman; 2nd Place – Courtney Reed; 3rd Place – Corinne Podolski; Honorable Mention (tie) – Madison Meeks and Brendan Honick.

Chemistry: 1st Place – Claire Bustos; 2nd Place – Arion Jurkowski; 3rd Place – David Williamson; Honorable Mention – Andy Ngo.

Biochemistry: 1st Place (tie) – Kathleen Ngo and Hayley Delarosby; 2nd Place – Matthew Ungerer; 3 rd Place – Payton Flesher; Honorable Mention – Alayna Clayton.

Medicine and Health: 1st Place – Alexis Lopez.

Zoology: 1st Place – Cameron Delguidice; 2nd Place – Richard Mangold; 3rd Place – Matthew Jordal; Honorable Mention – Samantha Valentino.

Microbiology: 1st Place – Olivia Torres.

Earth and Space Science: 1st Place – Lamart Bazile; 2nd Place – Alexander Owen; 3 rd Place – Timothy Meineke.

Environmental Science: 1st Place – Ashley Emmell; 2nd Place – Antwine Loper; 3rd Place – Paul Orecchia.

Engineering: 1st Place – Madison Rieu; 2nd Place – Rory Burke; 3rd Place – Joseph Marczyk; Honorable Mention – Gianna Zammarelli.

Behavior and Social Science: 1st Place – Ashley Delarosby; 2nd Place – Jordan Harvey; 3rd Place – Samantha Docteur; Honorable Mention – Jonathan Wong.

Computer Science: 1st Place – Melanie Wong.

Consumer Science: 1st Place – Phillip Andreaci.

Team Projects: 1st Place – Johnny Nguyen and Gabriel Morales; 2nd Place – Walter Bryz-Gornia, William McMahon and Kyle Delguidace; 3 rd Place – Andrew Decker and Harshil Patel; Honorable Mention – Julia Dolan and Megan Glenn.


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