De Haan Learning Center Specializes in Math and Science Preparation

It prepares students for high school, college and beyond.

The De Haan Learning Center of Absecon is not just another after school program, meant to “baby sit” kids or “keep them off the streets.” The students who attend De Haan attend because the center’s families and the teachers are preparing these young minds to be leaders in the world of math and science in high school, college and beyond.

I dropped by on a Wednesday afternoon early into the 2012 summer vacation. While many other children were already a few days into getting as far away from class rooms, teachers and study as possible, the De Haan Learning Center had about eight kids in their class room working with teachers. Several other parents were in the waiting room with their children, waiting for their appointments.

I was able to spend a few moments speak with the founder, Mrs. Darlyne De Haan. DeHaan holds a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction, and is presently working on a second in Education. She explained that all of the teachers at her center are fully accredited teachers, so that each student gets plenty of one-on-one time with a real teacher.

For at least 10 years, De Haan has been sharing her own gift of math and science as a teacher in the public school system. When she wasn’t teaching math or science for the school system, she was teaching minority children in South Jersey how to better understand the two subjects.

Currently, De Haan offers classes and instruction in reading, math, science and chemistry, as well as the always important SAT Prep.

In our video, De Haan explains that additional summer and after school study is important to the future of today’s youth and why her classes are vital to the future of America.

The country currently ranks about 25th in the world with regard to math and science education.

De Haan also discusses how she became a math and science wiz and how she came to found the school.

For more information about the De Haan Learning Center, visit their website

www.dehaanlearningcenter.com. Or contact them at:

The De Haan Learning Center
175 White Horse Pike, Unit #6
Absecon, NJ 08205
Phone: (609) 652-9354 or (609) 335-3548
Email: dehaanlearningcenter@gmail.com


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