Five Things You Need To Know About Monday's Board of Education Meeting

There will be a Meet the Candidates Night on Oct. 30.

The Galloway Township Board of Education met for its workshop meeting on Monday night, Oct. 15 at the middle school. Here are some of the items that came out of that meeting:

1.     Board Member Suzette Cordero was concerned about the passing rate for Integrity Transportation in the latest School Bus Report Card. “They have a passing rate of 7 percent and that was a concern,” she said. “We’ve had issues with busing in the past and I wanted to make sure we’re still looking into other options.” Although the district is still using Integrity Transportation, they previously stated they were still exploring their options, and that seemed to still be the case Monday night.

2.     The Egg Harbor City School District recently contacted the Galloway School District concerning a shared services agreement. Egg Harbor Superintendent John Gilly III is retiring on Jan. 1, 2014, and Egg Harbor was looking into a shared services agreement for the rest of that school year and beyond. However, Galloway Board of Education President Ernest Huggard said that the Galloway School District doesn’t have the staffing to take on another school district at this time, and that it wasn’t financially viable to add an Assistant Superintendent, so there will be no shared services agreement.

3.     The Galloway Township Family School Association will host a “Meet the Candidates” night Tuesday night, Oct. 30 in the middle school cafeteria, 7 p.m. According to GTFSA President Holly Hackney, this was an event the district used to have, but stopped. However, because there are seven candidates running for school board, this year, the organization brought the event back in hopes of allowing the public to meet with their prospective school board representatives. Running for three seats in this year’s election are incumbent Rich Dase; Sherri Parmenter; Wayne Melnik; Robert Criss; Madeline Avery; David Carmen; and Ersi Tollja.

4.     The School District will hold a presentation for its annual audit at next week’s Board of Education meeting.

5.     The Galloway Township Education Foundation raised $13,070 in its most recent golf tournament, on Sept. 30.


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