Five Things You Need To Know About the Galloway Township School District

Terry Dougherty has a new website for military families and three bands were honored during Monday night's Board of Education meeting.

1.     Both the Galloway School District and the Greater Egg Harbor Regional School District began their reorganization processes Monday night, despite the fact that both districts moved their elections to November.

Both districts decided to move their elections in January, and had to begin the process to meet certain June 30 fiscal year deadlines.

All Galloway appointments listed in Monday afternoon’s remained the same, and Greater Egg’s appointments can be found

While the New Jersey School Board Association Delegate Assembly said over the weekend it would like to see certain changes made in the new process, the vote to move appointment of officers past the November election date failed by five votes.

They did vote to support a change in the nominating deadline, moving it from June to September. The deadline currently coincides with the date of the state’s political primaries. The September date would fall more in line with how the process used to be conducted, when nominations were made in February and elections were held in April.

2.     According to Galloway Board Member Bob Iannacone, the NJSBA Delegates also supported a proposed change to a rule that says students who wish to attend a vocational school must first pass an academic test, and having local councils and local mandates  review all state legislation concerning education to ensure there is funding for all proposed legislation.

3.     Students in bands from three different Galloway Township Schools were selected to participate in the South Jersey Band and Orchestra Directors Association Elementary Bands Festival, and they were recognized during Monday night’s Board of Education meeting. Over 70 schools participated in the event. Of the 400 students statewide who were nominated, 240 participated. The students who participated locally hailed from the following schools:

, Band Director Samantha McLeod: Gianna Canale, Jaric Abadinas, Kristen Townsend and Andy Giang;

, Band Director Michael Marano: Allyson Bigio, Connor McDonald, Annalise Wagner, Emily Eisele and Samantha Brandt; and

, Band Director Ben Fong: Alex Chang, Dylan Arrom and Brian Bowen.

4.     Roland Rogers Elementary School Third Grade Teacher has a new website for her tutoring program: www.freemilitarytutoring.org. According to Dougherty, military parents can go and register their children as well as people who are interested in volunteering. So far, 11 children “and quite a few volunteers” have signed up. The end date to register children is June 8.

5.     The schedule for Galloway Township commencement ceremonies on Tuesday, June 12 are as follows:

Team F: 4 p.m

Team H: 5:30 p.m.

Team G: 7 p.m.

Team E: 8:30 p.m.

The Board of Education also approved the calendar for the 2012-13 school year.


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