Getting Back to School in Fair Haven

Students will not be permitted to ride bikes

Yes, school will be in session on Monday in Fair Haven.

And, according to Superintendent Kathleen Cronin, students’ normal routine will kick right back into gear, with one important exception — Police Chief Darryl Breckenridge has announced that, for safety's sake, no one will be permitted to ride bikes to school until further notice.

“Because of the downed power lines and possible dangers students could face if they happen to make contact with live wires, the chief has advised that it is best to do everything in our power to avoid that risk,” Cronin said. “So, it was strongly suggested that parents either drive or walk kids to school.”

Other than that, both Knollwood and Sickles schools will be opening at the normal times on Monday and will be fully operational with power and heat, Cronin added.

In addition, after care will proceed as usual. And lunch service will be available as well. “However, we are not going to be allowing students to leave for off-campus lunch until further notice,” Cronin said.

Aware that many parents have been inquiring about how the time off from school during and after Hurricane Sandy will affect school schedules, Cronin said that state school officials are telling affected districts to hold off on making any major decisions about calendar alterations for right now.

“Next week, we will make some decisions on likely delaying conferences, the end of the marking period and report card distribution,” Cronin said. “But, as far as possible vacation alterations go, we will not be making those decisions just yet.”

On the return to a normal school routine Monday, Cronin said she and the staff are looking forward to “seeing the children and getting into a normal routine. Today we have the kids here at Knollwood for activities and we can feel their energy and the need to be here. It will be great to see them get back into a normal routine.”

the kaplans November 09, 2012 at 07:34 PM
A Monday morning never looked so good!
Joanne November 09, 2012 at 08:12 PM
Thank you to whomever was responsible for organizing activities for the children at the Youth Center and Knollwood during this past week - it was great for the kids to get out and see their friends and do something "normal" during their two week hiatus!
Theresa Casagrande November 09, 2012 at 08:23 PM
To The Residents of Fair Haven, Regarding the organized activities, Charlie Hoffman was tasked by the Mayor and I to make every effort to return a sense of normalcy to our kids and to give our parents a break. He was assisted by any number of volunteers and we greatly appreciate their efforts. He also held organized games at Youth Center fields for the past several days. The most up to date information regarding power restoration is that Alabama power crews began working Fair Haven this morning and will continue to do so through the evening. They are concentrating on two major circuits that feed the majority of Fair Haven residents and expected to have them restored by the early afternoon. They will then proceed to restore the feeder circuits that lead into neighborhoods. In most cases, these crews will be able do everything necessary to get power to individual homes, including replacing services that have been separated from individual homes. I don’t have a percentage of homes restored estimate as of this time; however, I will ascertain that information later today. Borough email and phone systems are now up and running; if you need to contact the Borough, please call 732-747-0241, or you can email me at tcasagrande@fhboro.net. Borough Hall and our Public Library will be open regular hours to serve our residents tomorrow, Saturday, November 10th and also on a previously scheduled holiday, Veteran’s Day, Monday, November 11th. Sincerely, Theresa Casagrande,


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