Stockton Establishes Polling Institute

The institute is independent of the Hughes Center for Public Policy.

will begin its own polling institute beginning this September, the college said in a release.

President Dr. Herman J. Saatkamp  announced the establishment of a Stockton Polling Institute to conduct independent public opinion polling at the College on Friday, April 20.

Stockton students and the institute's own staff will conduct survey research on elections and issues of importance to New Jersey and to the region, the school said in its release. Research will be conducted via telephone polls and web and other surveys, the school said.

“The Stockton Polling Institute will advance important goals and objectives of the College, particularly in learning and engagement opportunities in line with the College’s Strategic Plan,” Saatkamp said.

Existing staff of the William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy will run the institute, the school said. The Hughes Center began conducting polls in 2007. Polling operations for Stockton's new center will begin in September with 24 call stations in a dedicated room in the N-wing.

The institute will be recruiting students to act as interviewers over the coming months, the school said, adding that survey interviewer positions may be available for members of the general public.

Saatkamp said the Stockton Polling Institute will create a number of opportunities for the college community. The school believes it willl create learning and employment opportunities for students, and that the polling institute can open new avenues of research for Stockton faculty and staff.

The first polls planned by the Stockton Polling Institute will gauge preferences in this fall’s elections, the school said. This includes the 3rd Congressional District race pitting incumbent Republican Rep. Jon Runyan against Democratic challenger Shelley Adler, widow of the late Rep. John Adler, who lost to Runyan in 2010.

The Stockton Polling Institute plans to offer polling services to outside clients in January 2013, according to the school.

Hughes Center Director Daniel J. Douglas said the Stockton Polling Institute will allow the Hughes Center to continue to pursue civic and political engagement with the citizens of southern New Jersey.


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