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Q&A: Joe Caravello

Sports Editor Giuseppe Ungaro recently sat down with the Absegami baseball player to find out how much it hurts when he gets hit by a pitch.

Joe Caravello, 18, is one of Absegami High School’s top baseball players, and an outstanding student. Patch caught up with the Braves senior, who is a three-year varsity player, about baseball, including getting hit often with pitched balls, school and future plans.

Patch: What is your favorite part of baseball?
Caravello: The competitive nature of the game. Any part of the game you can be up or down, but you still have to have the intensity in the game in order to win. Even if you are up 7-1 in the top of the fifth inning, you can still lose the game.

Patch: What is the strength of your game?
Caravello: I really like to be at the plate. I try to get on base, that is my objective, to get on. I’m the leadoff guy.

Patch: You have been hit by pitches quite often. Why do you think it happens so much?
Caravello: It just kind of happens. I got hit 14 times last year. I guess my elbow sticks out a little.

Patch: Does it ever hurt?
Caravello: It doesn’t really hurt. It happens so fast, I don’t even notice it. After that I’m just trying to steal second.

Patch: Do you have a favorite baseball memory?
Caravello: We were at practice one day after a couple days of just rain. We were inside but the rain stopped and it was a nice day so there was this puddle, almost like a pond. It was very deep. It was so hot outside one of my teammates (Derek Clingel) took off his shirt and jumped in this pond in the woods. We all went swimming. It was pretty fun.

Patch: What team do you like to play the most?
Caravello: Definitely Oakcrest because it seems something always happens no matter if we beat them or they beat us. It’s a rivalry between us.

Patch: What is your favorite activity off the diamond?
Caravello: Listening to music and hanging out with friends.

Patch: What do you listen to?
Caravello: I like Drake.

Patch: What is your favorite class?
Caravello: Probably trigonometry class. Our teacher is our pitching coach Mr. (Charles) Walters.

Patch: Do you have any superstitions?
Caravello: Eye black. I always play well with eye black. I don’t believe in superstitions, but it’s a good way to intimidate the other team.

Patch: Do you have any college plans?
Caravello: I’m undecided. I’m thinking either Monmouth or Stockton.

Patch: What do you expect from yourself during your senior season?
Caravello: I want to be one of the powerhouses on my team and get the job done. I want to help the team as much as possible. I also want to try and be first-team all-conference.


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